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What I believe

Guiding You Through Spiritual Deconstruction Using Concepts Rooted in Feminist Theology.  Erotic Spirituality. 

What I believe . . .

  • I believe every woman has a divine and sacred calling.
  • I believe women’s bodies are holy creations imaging the Divine.
  • I believe a woman’s desire is the root of her connection to God.
  • I believe in the power of sisterhood, and affirm all persons who identify as women, and within the gender, spectrum is welcome to celebrate their divine femininity with me.
  • I believe in a Creator that is a life source. Some call this divinity God while others use varying names.
  • I know some people continue to use the name God to justify hate, colonization, racism, homophobia, and sexism.
  • I believe it is the calling of all spiritual beings to stand against injustice and stand with all oppressed people.
  • I believe my faith is strengthened when in a relationship with people of differing faiths and world-views.
  • I believe spiritual deconstruction and reconstruction is a necessary part of a person’s faith journey and all questions, destinations, and conclusions should be honored as sacred.