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The Feminist School of Theology With Lurie Kimmerle

In this course,
Lurie will guide you through . . .

Uncovering the wisdom hidden through time in the stories of women. You’ll create a framework to see yourself, God, and the world grounded in historical understanding, feminist exegesis, and honest soul-led homework.

What’s included . . .

The course spreads out over eight weeks, with audio recordings to listen to at your own pace. You’ll receive exercises, homework, suggested reading, and slides to help you understand and embody the information. Each week takes a deep dive into a theme which will:

Take the next step along your path,
Join the Erotic School of Feminist Theology.

Originally $699, this course is currently being offered for $499.

If you feel your soul stirring come join us on this journey, and open your eyes to what more the Divine Feminine and your faith have to offer you.

You’ll leave this course with . . .

The tools you need to see the stories of the Bible and your life with an embodied, true-to-your-soul lens cultivated alongside a God who embraces the Divine Feminine, you, and the gifts women bring to this world.

This course is for you if . . .

You feel overwhelmed by deconstruction and aren’t sure how to move forward.

You sense a tug towards learning more about the Divine Feminine.

You want a guided path to explore feminist theology.

You feel like you shouldn’t have to choose between your faith and feminism.

You ache for a sense of wonder and magic in your spiritual life.

You want to explore your roots, soul, and faith in a grounded, easy to digest way.

Your relationship with the Bible has been iffy at best, and you want to find peace with it before tossing it out, or keeping it around.

You believe the stories you’ve heard about women of the Bible and women in history have more to them.

A breakdown of the eight weeks

Finding your Feminist Foundation:

Understand the roots of feminist theology and how you can cultivate your path from here.

Locating yourself on a map is the first step in going anywhere. You'll explore the roots of your faith and the path that brought you to the moment of taking this class. We'll explore your intentions and hopes to craft an understanding of who you are now as you embark upon a new learning journey.

Mystic Musings:

Women Mystics, the God they loved, and how ecstatic love changes everything.

In your second week, you'll discover the hearts and lives of Christian women mystics like Saint Theresa and Julian of Norwich and dive deep into the theology of Saint Theresa. We will explore how these women had views of God that went against the common dominating patriarchal understandings of their (and our own) time. These women will unveil a reflection of the Imago Dei, which includes our whole selves and a God who has no shame in showing up in expansive and motherly ways.

Resurrection Women:

Relating and revealing the stories of the women in the New Testament.

We'll add to the mystics with women of the New Testament and get an understanding of who these women are and the roles they played in their written stories. With an acknowledgment of the patriarchal lens we often carry, we will take a candid look at how women are understood in the Bible and why that impacts us today.

Prophetesses, Diviners, and Whores:

Unravel the toxic manipulation of the women’s stories of the old testament, to reveal their hidden truth.

In your fourth week, we'll get more complex in the Old Testament, covering over 600 years of history. We will go over different eras in the Bible and why it's essential to see the whole woman in the story. We won't just touch on Sarah and Hagar, but prophets like Deborah, and Miriam, enslaved people like Zilpah and Bilhah, and women like Bathsheba, Gomer, Esther, and Ruth, whose stories have been used and displayed for token morals instead of looking at their whole humanity.

Reading with Feminine Fire:

Learn Feminist Exgegisis of the Bible, understand how Patriarchy has shaped our reading, and learn to liberate it.

You'll build a framework to interpret the Bible independently in this class. What is helpful for one's theological development and the sanctity of womanhood is not always sound exegesis. You will understand how to read ancient texts both within and outside the protestant canon. You'll look up linguistic components of the text, create conclusions of narratives behind sound historical interpretation and learn how you can crack open a simple verse into a whole sonata.

The Spiral Path:

Discover how women's spirituality has grown and shifted over the last 2,000 years.

Feminine spirituality has not been stagnant over the past 2,000 years, although many would like you to believe it is. We'll dive into heretical practices and how women influenced the church, sometimes leading to church splits, exclusion, or witch trials. We'll also see how women used some pagan practices while still Christian and how that has impacted faith traditions to this day.

She's a Witch:

Uncover the truth, lies, and myths of witchcraft, and why it's not what everyone told you.

Women were scapegoats for many things in Christianity and history. In the 7th week, you'll understand why people were killed as witches, not because of spiritual powers or satanic ties, but because they were odd, herbalists, or healers. We'll also explore how practices often shamed today have roots in Christian and pagan traditions and how colonization and fear create blurred lines.

Finding Her:

See how the Divine Feminine weaves through God, ourselves, and the world.

A true feminist theology doesn't separate itself from God, so in our final class, we'll ask ourselves, "What does it mean to embody and be a reflection of the divine as a woman?". We'll bring God down from the sky into our bodies and the present experiences of everyone around us, reveling in and soaking in the Divine Feminine available to all. We’ll end by seeing what this means for our path ahead, and how the Divine Feminine truth changes everything.

Lurie Kimmerle

Hi! I’m Lurie, a seeker of an expansive God and an Erotic Mystical Witch. I help women cultivate a soul-led relationship with the Divine while on their spiritual journey of deconstruction. Ignited by my faith questions about what it means to be a woman who loves God. I’ve spent the last ten years studying ancient women’s traditions, mystics, goddess temples, astrology, and scouring the pages of ancient texts. In the end, I found myself with two master’s degrees focused on feminist theology, oppressive systems in religion, and storytelling. Whether through one-on-one work, programs, or courses, I’m honored to be your guide as you navigate the messy questions of deconstruction so you can embrace liberating spirituality.

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