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Lost and Alone on Your Spiritual Journey?

Join The Erotic Convent

A Sacred Sisterhood for Your Spiritual Deconstruction Journey.

What is the Erotic Convent?

Eros = Passion

Convent = from the latin convenire to convene or gather together.

The Erotic Convent is an exclusive community of spiritually wild women.
This is not just any online community. It is designed to bring women together as we journey through the confusion and chaos of spiritual deconstruction AND reconstruction.  
We challenge each other, we love one another, and we together find clarity in the midst of uncertainty.
As a member, you receive access to feminist and liberation theology’s newest thoughts, access to masterclasses, tools, and resources, in addition to monthly prayer meditations.
Also included is an invitation to join our monthly sacred circles. This is a time to ask your darkest, scariest, and most heretical questions. Together, we rebuild our beliefs out of institutional patriarchal religion into freedom and liberation.