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Are you ready to tap into your Erotic power?

Replace fear, insecurity, and lack, with the sacred power of your innate wisdom.
Reclaim your whole self mind, body, and soul.

Can I ask you a question?

Have you ever felt trapped by rules, social standards, and expectations pressed onto you by religion, family, and the world around you?

In the past few years, from pandemics, political division, and social chaos, people are starting to wake up and realize how we have been doing things doesn’t work. 

And we are feeling it in our Minds, Bodies, and Souls!

What used to light you up–Perhaps your career, a relationship, spiritual community now feels suffocating. Or perhaps it is more difficult to grasp, but there is a missing spark inside you.  A joy you haven’t felt in a long time, or maybe never, but know you are meant to feel. 

Or there is a pull on your soul toward something wild and far outside of the world you know. 

The only thing you know for sure is that you need something more–Something wild, unbound, liberating, and uncharted.

And you NEED it NOW!

One of the biggest problems we face as a culture is tapping into our sacred light, passions, and desires.

There are a lot of unspoken rules in our culture. Regulations created to keep us in line, obedient and silent about the problems with the status quo. 

The last thing a patriarchal culture wants is for us to break all the rules and run wild and free out of situations that keep us trapped.

When we are disconnected from what lights us up, ignites our passion, and fuels our desires, we become docile, settling for the mediocre when we could have the magnificent.

This is Is So VITAL

This is Is So VITAL

There will never be a moment when patriarchy, capitalism, or any other oppressive system stops and permits you to run free! It is up to you to dismantle the lies these systems have ingrained in you.  

AND when we do this, we give everyone else around us permission to do the same and collectively dismantle the whole game. 

The world needs your desires, your passion, and your sacred light to alchemize the muck of oppression into the gold of liberation!

Every spark of rage, twist of desire, and pull of your soul has led you here. 

It is time to break free!

And I am here to show you exactly how you tap into that power and set the world on fire.

Why I created the Erotic Life Mastery Course

I was stuck. I didn’t know what I wanted, what kind of life I desired to live, or how even to begin living it. Immobilized by the influence of others, and fear what they would think if I actually persued the wild desires in my heart. 

Why? I, perhaps like you, had been trained in patriarchal religion to stay obedient, nice, and good.  As a result, I was disconnected from myself, my soul, and my body. Worried that I was wrong and my desires would lead to danger. 

The world seemed like a big juicy apple just waiting to be bitten into.  I wanted to savor every bite, but what if it all led to my doom?!

So I choose to stay put, frozen in fear. 

Scared of speaking my truth–So I stayed silent. 

Scared of following my desires– So I settled for the mediocre

Afraid of my femininity–So I made myself small and hid away from the world and men who had a track record of hurting me. 

TERRIFIED of my body–  So I disconnected from her and ignored her messages. 

So after years of not trusting myself, I was filled to the brim with anxiety and depression, all rooted in a deep lack–Mind, Body, and Soul.

Until one day I said FUCK IT!

Broke free

And found the Erotic. 

Erotic= From the Greek god Eros, meaning passion and deep desire for wholeness.  With yourself, with the Divine, and the world around you.

The Erotic is that tingling sensation that runs through your body that patriarchal religion has told you to suppress, called selfish, and warned you against following.

Is this a stretch? Stay with me!

We have cast this the Erotic as dangerous and reduced it to the sexual, leaving us unaware of how to express this power with proper care for ourselves and others.

I am talking to my fellow sacred beings who are stuck. Those of us who have had our bodies objectified, abused. Who opted to suppress our desires to care for others before anyone ever took care of them. Those who have never had great sex or connection with their partners.  Those who reject the idea that even a whiff of their sexuality could be liberating.  Especially those whose passions, desires, and sexual selves have only ever harmed them or led to problems and pain. 

Because ten years ago, I never would have guessed I would be saying this to you. 

But I am sure you know that once you sense the possible liberation, it is unthinkable to turn back. 

And the greatest fear I had was my power. My sacred Erotic self. 

The Erotic is quite literally your source of creative, life-giving power. Born from Chaos, the Erotic comes from the wild, the confusion, and the mystery and brings forward your ability to generate a wild and previously unimaginable life. 

And yet, the Erotic has been reduced to the sexual, and we were taught to suppress it. We were certainly never encouraged to follow it.  In fact, we were told to hide it, ignore it, and some even called it sin. Our “evil desires” were something we should run from, never accept, celebrate or embrace. 

Instead, we were told to accept another moral compass. One put in a book by men, who told us what it said and created rules for us to follow.

And we, like good obedient listeners, did just that!

But please know you wonderful sacred Being, it doesn’t have to be this way!

There is another paradigm where you do not have to make yourself small. Where you can trust yourself, mind, body, and soul, and live FREE

Audre Lorde described the Erotic as “a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling.”

The very feelings you were told not to trust.

As a deity, the Ancients Greeks saw it as a trickster that turned respectable people into fools. Disrupting the social order or rules, dogma, and restriction.  

A disruption our patriarchal society deeply needs 

Shortly after the Priestess, Diotima, through the writings of Plato, describes it as the power that gives birth to beauty. 

And this power is lying dormant in YOU, just waiting to burst forward. 


The Erotic Life Mastery Course is for you if . . .

  • You are tired of making yourself small to please others
  • You feel stuck wanting more out of life, mind, body, and soul but don’t know where to start
  • You have deep burning desires but doubt they are even possible.
  • You feel disconnected from your body and want to fall back in love with her/him/them.
  • You long to connect to your power and do great things in your life and the life of your friends, family, and the wider world.
  • You are sick and tired of being told there is a right way to be and want to forge your own path.
  • You are reconstructing your spiritual life and want to deconstruct internalized oppressive systems.
  • You know patriarchal standards have affected how you view yourself, the Divine, and your pleasure and want to get free from its poisonous influence.
  • You yearn to tap into and trust your intuition but are terrified of failing.
  • You are unsure how to move forward in an authentic spirituality.
  • Desire a connection with the Divine Feminine, but it feels daunting.

The Erotic Life Mastery Course is for you if . . .

The Paradigm Shift

The Erotic Life Mastery Course will shift how you interact with . . .

  • Your Body
  • Your Sexuality
  • Your inner compass
  • Your Spirituality
  • Your Desire
  • Your Emotional Self
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Career and Money

What people are saying . . .

Your investment in the full year of the Erotic Life Mastery Course is $4,550, or 12 monthly payments of *$415.

*This is not a subscription option. Monthly payments must be made committing the to the full year of the course
**Please note both links will open a new tab directly to PayPal to securely process your payment.

Why the Erotic Life Mastery Course is Different . . .

This course was born out of my own spiritual collapse and awakening over ten years ago. I was depressed, lonely, anxious, and afraid, desiring to connect with the Divine, mind, body, and soul in ways that liberated me. 

Out of that desire, I found the Erotic and birthed this course so that no one else has to be alone on the journey towards their own unfettered spiritual expression.

For the first time ever, I have created daily rituals, modules, and practices all focused on helping you tap into your intuition, learning to trust yourself as you cultivate a spirituality that fills your soul.

In the 12 months of this course, you will not only connect to your sacred power, allowing you to create the life you desire, but you will also be surrounded by a community of other spiritual wanderers celebrating you on your journey there. 

Because it is only together that we dismantle oppression in our spiritual lives and in the world around us. 

Worried about commitment, participation, and if this will work for you? Don’t be.  The Erotic Life Mastery Class was designed with abundance in mind, which is why I created a multitude of ways for you to connect to this work!

  • Practices and tools to connect into your erotic power 24/7
  • Exercises to explore and play with desire and become deeply acquainted with your soul’s yearning.  
  • Embodiment rituals that you can use to alchemize every moment of stuck, fear, or confusion into gold. 
  • Deep daily connection in sacred community. 
  • Exploration into the polarity of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in all of us. 
  • Coaching calls to dig deeper into class content. 
  • For the first time, I will be teaching how to awaken the spiritual divine feminine that lives within each of us and tap into her.

What you will learn in the Erotic Life Mastery Course . . .

What you will learn in the Erotic Life Mastery Course . . .

  • What the Erotic really is and why it has been hidden from us.
  • How to harness your feminine power to dismantle internalized patriarchal repression.
  • How to connect to your inner Divine Feminine power, so you can become the creatix of your life. 
  • How to connect to your inner Divine Masculine so you can heal masculine wounds.
  • The sacred practice of embodied prayer.
  • The spiritual practices of our ancient mothers that have been covered up by patriarchal religion.
  • Alchemical magic that will shift your deepest fears, doubts, and confusion into limitless possibilities.
  • How to connect back to play and express your inner wild self fully.
  • Find peace with your emotions: the good, glorious, and downright painful.
  • Reconnect to the ancient wisdom of your ancestors.
  • Connect with your Divine and sacred self. 
  • Learn to draw in your desires, no matter how illogical or seemingly impossible.

All the nitty-gritty details!

What’s included in the Erotic Life Mastery Course?

Kick off the first week of April with our first class Monday the 4th @ 7- 8PM EST.   

These calls will deepen your awareness of a new aspect of the curriculum, and give you the tools you need to explore each idea with greater depth.

All classes are recorded and will be available to rewatch the following morning. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the full year @ 7  will gather with others to practice the alchemical and magical tools we are exploring to strengthen your erotic power. 

Wednesdays at 7 PM EST the office is open all year!  Office hours are a time to come and ask Lurie all your questions, explore ideas in conversation, and get clear on whatever is coming up for you as your tap into your desires and manifest your dreams. 

This is the DNA shift, marinating magic we need to transition our life from the mediocre to the extraordinary! Every week for the next year you will be given different assignments and tools to explore so you can take what you are learning in the class and bring it to your everyday. 

Ranging from books, podcasts, movies, and youtube channels, every month for the next 12 months you get to dance with your erotic nerdy self.  These resources are selected with your curiosities in mind so you can feed your questions with sound, academic resources on magic, esotericism, mysticism, Divine Feminine Theology and more. 

You are not in this alone! The community portal is your go to place for class content, community support, and spiritual connection.  This is where you can dump your rage, celebrate your success, and savor your desires in community. 

Still have questions?

Let’s connect with a short discovery call to see if the Erotic Life Mastery Course is a fit for you!

Meet your guide:

Lurie Kimmerle

Hi I’m Lurie! A Good Christian Woman turned Esoteric and Erotic Mystical Witch. My work is all about helping you on your spiritual journey of deconstruction and reconstruction by tapping into your inner knowing so that you can find the Divine outside of oppressive ideals on your terms.

Perhaps you are like me, and your deconstruction started with a tug on your soul. I had a deep yearning to know what it means to connect with the Divine as the holy mother, sister, healer, and wisdom. Yet, in my small religious bubble, that wasn’t allowed. So I followed that tug outside of what I knew and on a wild adventure. It introduced me to ancient women traditions, brought me to goddess temples, and scouring through the pages of ancient texts. In the end, I found myself with two master’s degrees focused on feminist theology and religious narratives and ready to share everything I discovered with you.

Leaving behind the religion I knew was terrifying, but discovering the Divine outside of oppressive theology was liberating! I’m honored to be your guide as you navigate the messy questions so you can embrace liberating spirituality!

You are one click away from Erotic possibilites!

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