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Find Your Power in the Darkness

Explore shadow work through Esoteric and Christian Mysticsm and learn how your worst grief, deepest rage, and horrific fears are actually direct tools to your power.

In this Intensive you will get:

  • 8 intensive modules covering the theories behind shadow work, esoteric practices, and mysticism as well as practical how-to guidance with shadow work.
  • 100 page Shadow Journal filled with guided prompts so you can deeply contemplate what comes up for you during your practice.
  • My NEW Christian Mystical Tarot and Shadow guide so you can get extra support from the cards.
  • Free three-month membership to the Fireside Gatherings, so you can connect with other women asking similar questions as you.
  • 1:1 Messaging with me personally via Voxer.

This Intensive is for you if:

  • You have deep anger bubbling you, and it is breaking your heart. 
  • You have significant desires and dreams but are paralyzed with fear.
  • Negative news feeds, personal relationships, and the general difficulties of life are weighing you down.
  • You want more from your romantic, spiritual, and professional life but are unclear about how to get it.

And Especially . . .

  • If you want to start 2022, ready to embrace your power and life into the life of your desires.

What is Shadow Work Anyway?

Shadow work is a form of powerful magic. We see it discussed in Jeremiah, in Luke, and is exemplified in the cycle of life, death, and resurrection in all four gospels. When we find pleasure in the shadow, then we can really say: “Oh death, where is thy sting, O grave where is thy victory.” (1 Cor. 15:55)

Patriarchal theology, for some odd reason, wants us to fear darkness, death, and suffering. Perhaps so they can use it as a tool to keep us in line and obedient?

Yet, the whole narrative of the gospel is that death is just another part of life and that we have nothing to fear. 

You may have heard this happens only after literal death, but the mystics saw the story differently. It’s about bringing the erotic (life-giving energy) into the shadow that brings about ressurection. And this life source is not for an elect few but all of us.  

And like Mary Magdalene, St. Teresa, and John of the Cross all said: it is through the darkness and death that we find the Divine.

So what is this? It is the power of resurrection, it is alchemy, and it is sacred work.

In this Intensive you will:

  • Learn about shadow work in Christian Mysticism and how to apply it to your spiritual life
  • Explore how tools like Tarot, Crystals, Astrology, and Mirror Magic can support your shadow work.
  • Learn to dance with your desire, grief, rage, and fear so you no longer have to suffer under the pain but learn to find pleasure in it. 
  • Embrace your power as the Queen of whatever sh**show you find yourself in so you can rise and rule instead of feeling like a victim

What women who have worked with me are saying:

Why I created this intensive:

I will be frank. Life can be really F**king hard, and patriarchy isn’t interested in making it easier for you.  Your fears, grief, rage, insecurities, and all the other emotions that stir up in you can be crippling, and patriarchy would like nothing more than for you to stay stuck frozen where you are.  Then you will never discover how powerful you are, and how possible your desires are.

The truth, Sister, is that you are insanely powerful, and those very emotions that keep you stuck are your tools to liberation!

Over the past few years, there has been a mass awakening, especially for women, revealing injustices brewing around us AND the ways oppressive systems have been internalized.  Right now you get to make a sacred choice: Dismantle the systems inside you so you can fight them outside? OR live with them.

The practices I will teach you in this intensive are what I have honed after years of training in shadow work, my own research into the Women Mystics, and somatic methods. It is literally IMO the secret sauce! This is the work that got me through my divorce, helped me deal with imposter syndrome in grad school, and is the reason I have been able to run my business and travel the world.

My goal is through this Intensive you will:

  • Gain the confidence to hone your darkest emotions so you can get unstuck and live the life of your desires.
  • Feel empowered to honor your rage, grief, fear, and any other uncomfortable feeling so it can be a resource in your life instead of a hurtle.
  • Smile into the darkness, knowing you are the queen of whatever sh*t show life throws your way.


Lurie Kimmerle

Hi, I’m Lurie. I grew up in a Christian tradition that told me there was a set mold for what a woman should desire, do, how she should act, and what she should say. My only understanding of spirituality was within strict molds, and I didn’t fit into any of them. So I went on a journey hunting for the Divine outside of patriarchy. Yearning to know what it means to connect to the divine, the holy mother, sister, healer, and wisdom. I hunted in ancient women traditions, goddess temples, the jungle, the ancient rivers and ponds of Hel and Freya, in the pages of ancient texts, and on the lips of women much more knowledgeable than me.

I went all the way to the Ivory tower of all places, getting two master’s degrees focused on feminist theology and women’s narratives to Her down. And when I did, she stared right back at me and said, “Look inside you.”

Leaving behind the religion I knew and grew up with was terrifying, but discovering the Divine outside of oppressive theology was liberating! That is why today my work is about supporting women through their own spiritual journeys so they don’t have to be alone.  Using my experiences and research in Feminist Theology and Erotic Spirituality, I help women tap into their sacred wisdom and discover spiritual freedom. I am a writer, teacher, learner, lover of life, and a deep believer in the sanctity of desire and pleasure.

Are you ready to find your power in your greatest fears, deepest grief, and darkest rage?

You are one click away!

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