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Want to Work with Lurie?

Are you feeling stuck?

Disconnected from your desires?

Does it feel like there is a huge gap between where you are and where you want to be–in your romantic, spiritual, and or professional life?

Are you ready to break free into a life that lights up your soul?

Let’s connect and find out how you can go from trapped in the status quo to living a full, wild, abundant, and liberated life!

About Me

Hi I’m Lurie! A Good Christian Woman turned Esoteric and Erotic Mystical Witch. My work is all about helping you on your spiritual journey of deconstruction and reconstruction by tapping into your inner knowing so that you can find the Divine outside of oppressive ideals on your terms.

Perhaps you are like me, and your deconstruction started with a tug on your soul. I had a deep yearning to know what it means to connect with the Divine as the holy mother, sister, healer, and wisdom. Yet, in my small religious bubble, that wasn’t allowed. So I followed that tug outside of what I knew and on a wild adventure. It introduced me to ancient women traditions, brought me to goddess temples, and scouring through the pages of ancient texts. In the end, I found myself with two master’s degrees focused on feminist theology and religious narratives and ready to share everything I discovered with you.

Leaving behind the religion I knew was terrifying, but discovering the Divine outside of oppressive theology was liberating! I’m honored to be your guide as you navigate the messy questions so you can embrace liberating spirituality!